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Billie Piper’s Rose narrowly beats John Barrowman’s Captain Jack to be crowned best Doctor Who companion ever.

Rose Tyler has triumphed in RadioTimes.com’s Companion Champion, a grand tournament of every companion in the history of Doctor Who. The character played by Billie Piper narrowly beat John Barrowman’s pan-sexual Time Agent in the final, after five rounds, and more than 2.3 million votes.

Following a qualifying round, 32 companions, friends and fellow travellers from over 50 years of the show competed in head to head popularity contests. En route to being crowned winner, Rose saw off favourites including Strax the Sontaran, River Song and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. Her final bout with Captain Jack attracted more than half a million responses alone, with a late push snatching victory for Tyler by a mere 2,000 votes.

Fans mobilised on social media, with the stars themselves getting involved. John Barrowman’s official Twitter account encouraged his admirers to vote “If you love Captain Jack Harkness as much as I do,” while Piper thanked everyone who voted, saying Rose was “still a very precious character to me.”

Both Rose and Captain Jack accompanied Christopher Eccleston’s version of the Doctor in the relaunched series, before moving on to David Tennant’s era. Captain Jack’s adventures continued in spin-off show Torchwood and a version of Rose reunited with Tennant in last year’s fiftieth anniversary special The Day of the Doctor.


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It has been confirmed Billie will not be staying with Great Britain when it transfers to the west end as she will be filming Penny Dreadful season 2, she will stay with the show until 23rd August, so if you want to see her, get your tickets now!

308 captures from episode eight of Penny DreadfulGrand Guignol have been added to the gallery. So what did everyone think of how Brona’s story went this season?!

Billie attended the British Summer Time Festival yesterday, thanks to Claudia I’ve added 4 HQ photos to the gallery! Isn’t she a cutie!!

Billie Piper plays Paige Britain, the ambitious news editor of a tabloid paper, the Free Press. She’s a devious flirt, a smug and skilful operator with an infallible eye for an outrageous story. And as she masterminds a campaign of phone-hacking, proving at once odious and irresistible, Piper is thrillingly persuasive.

The StandardRead More

Cheered on by her former Doctor Who colleagues David Tennant and Mark Gatiss, Billie Piper gave a dazzling performance last night as ruthless and cynical tabloid news editor Paige Britain in this energetic yet clunky satire of British papers.

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Billie Piper does an excellent job in conveying the ruthless ambition and unstoppable drive of Paige Britian.

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None is more odious than Billie Piper’s convincingly shallow and ruthless news editor, Paige Britain, a sultry, stiletto-stamping schemer who might as well sprout devil’s horns.

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Billie Piper is excellent as Paige Britain, the ambitious news editor of a red-top called The Free Press who learns about phone-hacking by an innocent informant.

The IndependentRead More

In Piper’s hands, the amoral Paige is also an appealing character. She’s gutsy, she’s spiky, she’s sexy and she’s good fun. She also has no conscience and doesn’t care what she does – as long as it sells copies. Rarely has a villain been so attractive.

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To celebrate the Penny Dreadful season finale in the UK, Billie will be doing a live Q&A on Tuesday 8th July 2014 from 4pm (UK), you can send your questions on her facebook page, website or twitter with the hashtag #AskBillie! :)

The first promotional still, poster and rehearsal photos from Great Britain have been added to the gallery, enjoy!