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The Tenth Doctor and his Companion Rose Tyler will be reuniting in the City of Brotherly Love. In an announcement exclusively revealed to Blastr, we’ve learned that Doctor Who stars David Tennant and Billie Piper will be saying “Allons-y to Philly,” and appearing together on stage at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con this May.

The appearance marks the first time Tennant and Piper have been on stage together in the U.S. at a fan event. Further, while Piper has been a guest at cons in the states, this is only Tennant’s third North American convention ever (the second being Wizard World Raleigh Comic Con last weekend, and the first was his 2009 panel at San Diego Comic-Con — which was more of a media appearance, and didn’t include autograph and photo opportunities).

The news comes just two days after Tennant admitted on stage in Raleigh, and exploded Whovian fandom in the meanwhile, that “Rose was a girlfriend … even if they didn’t say it.” The enormity of the announcement for fandom also increases when one considers 2015 is the tenth (yes, Tenth!) anniversary of the return of Doctor Who. Of course, beyond Doctor Who, talk at the con will most certainly include Tennant’s casting as the villain in the upcoming Netflix show Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones, and Piper’s second season on Penny Dreadful – not to mention Harry Potter, Broadchurch, and Secret Diaries of a Call Girl.

Organizers for Wizard World Comic Con additionally shared that Piper would only be appearing on Sunday, so the duo’s panel will be held that day. And in the interest of full disclosure, I have been hired previously as a guest and host for Wizard World cons — though I’d be pretty psyched about this news regardless.

David Tennant and Billie Piper join Nathan Fillion, Stephen Amell, Hayley Atwell, Ben McKenzie, Kevin Conroy and more genre favorites for Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con, held May 7-10 at the Philadelphia Convention Center. More information and tickets can be acquired at the Wizard World website.


Hold us!

Showtime’s Penny Dreadful returns for its second season on Sunday, May 3 at 10/9c, and frankly, we’re not sure how prepared we are for how bloody, bizarre and downright creepy it’s going to be. But we’re still looking forward to it!

VIDEO: Watch the insane behind-the-scenes action of Penny Dreadful Season 2!

In the exclusive sneak peek above, the cast discusses the changes coming to Season 2, which includes the devil sending his servants after them, Vanessa (Eva Green) and Ethan (Josh Hartnett) getting closer despite his big werewolf secret and a hint at an undead love triangle. We’re really not sure on that last one, but watch the trailer and decide for yourself.

Penny Dreadful returns on Sunday, May 3 at 10/9c on Showtime.


320 captures from Playhouse Presents: Foxtrot have been added to the gallery. Sadly they are not great quality but I thought it would be better then nothing! :)

Yay, Billie won Best Actress in a Play for her role in Great Britain at the What’s On Stage Awards tonight, sadly she was unable to attend but accepted the award via a video link. Congrats Bill, we are all so proud of you! :)

As many of you know Billie was set to attend Oz Comic Con last year but sadly had to cancel, well great news Aussie fans, she is heading to Perth & Adelaide in April!

Ticket prices and info can be found at ozcomiccon.com. For the ultimate fans, a number of tickets are available and even include a meet-and-greet with Billie herself! Find out about the Ultimate Whovian Experience and Whovian Experience Tickets here!

Perth: April 11-12 | Convention & Exhibition Centre
Adelaide: April 18-19 | Showgrounds

Our last merge update, which means everything is moved from Billie Piper Fan to us now is Doctor Who. I’ve replaced a lot of the on set photos with HQ versions as well as a few promotional shoots. Also a quick reminder that you can now visit us at billiepiperfan.com & billie-piper.org as well as our main url. :)

Regardless of when or where your first “Doctor Who” encounter was, whether back in the ‘70s on PBS or last week on Netflix, the first companion of the series reboot, Rose, is an icon. She played an integral part in ushering in the second golden age of a beloved British television series.

Portrayed by Billie Piper, Rose was the perfect woman to bring the Doctor back to life. For many, including myself, she’s the favorite of all the new companions — maybe even all companions — and the more you learn about the actress, the more you’ll grow to love her, and the more you’ll grow to learn one simple truth: everything charming about Rose is because of the woman behind the role. And here are seven more reasons to love Billie Piper.

1. She has a deep love for chocolate brownies.

And not just any chocolate brownies: post-audition reward brownies, which may quite possibly be the best kind of brownies.

Q: What was your audition like for “Doctor Who”?

A: I convinced myself that I was ill, which I do quite often when I’m about to audition so I can get myself something mentally to fight against, like “Oh, I didn’t get [the part] ‘cause I was ill.” You know, kind of a psychosomatic behavior and so I thought “Well, I’ll treat myself to a chocolate brownie from Café Nero downstairs.” Nailed that in like … seconds. (Laughs) So then I went in and just gave my best interpretation of nineteen-year-old girl.

2. And coffee.

For a woman running on four hours of sleep and answering questions in a room filled to capacity with loving fans, Piper was incredibly sweet and genuine. Thankfully, they brought her some coffee*. She was probably the single-most deserving person in that room to receive a jolt of caffeine, and her excitement was enough to satisfy even the most diehard coffee lover.

3. She’s not afraid of good, old-fashioned hard work.

It’s a human condition — we seek the easy way out. Of course, one could also argue that humans are made to find joy in hard work. Piper definitely encompasses the most perfect (at least in my mind) way to go about life.

Q: What was it like going from being a well-known pop star to an actress in an almost brand new, and relatively unknown, series re-launch [“Doctor Who”]?

A: It was great actually, because it meant that I could go back to the beginning in many ways. It was great starting from the bottom again, and working your way up and having to prove yourself. Those times are really stressful in life. Aren’t they just like being right at the bottom, working your way through again? Actually, those are the most rewarding times because once you get past that, you want that feeling again, that feeling of working up.

4. She’s a super mom.

For brief background, Piper has two children. The eldest, Winston, was born in 2008, and the youngest, Eugene, in 2012. Though the actress maintains a prominent career, she still makes family time a priority, and she’s pretty adorable about it.

Q: How do you balance your career as an actress with being a mom?

A: Badly. (laughs) I wish I could say that I do it seamlessly, but I don’t. It’s really hard work and I don’t feel like I can say that I’m one of those women who does it with ease, and [is] stress-free. I muddle through, like a mess basically. It’s really hard. I’m sure any mother here who works as well, or just a mother at home — because frankly that’s even harder I think, that’s more exhausting than going to work and doing what you do at work. So … I hope my children forgive me for my absence, although I will endeavor to try better. I’ve got to stop coming to these things, I think (laughs). My family has lost me to you guys.

5. She’s got a great theory on why British media gets so popular.

The influx of British things to America is not new. From The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to more recent media like “Doctor Who,” “Sherlock” et. al., America has a fascination with British pop culture. Being English herself, Piper has a little insider knowledge on to why British stuff does so well.

Q: Do you have any thoughts on why British culture gets so big in America, and worldwide?

A: That’s an enormous question. Yes, we’re very talented. (laughs) Sometimes I think it’s strictly down to the fact that it’s really cold and really miserable [in England]. Because it’s a small island, everyone’s quite grumpy quite consistently and they have a very dry sense of humor. And I think that leads to people sitting in pubs quite often, writing things through frustration and not being able to be outside because it’s so miserable, and I honestly think that’s the reason that in the past, we have generated some great things. There’s also been a lot of rubbish — we are responsible for some awful things, and some terrible art. (Laughs) But we’ve had some crackers as well.

6. She won’t let anyone put you down.

Q: Being a pop star and an actress, two jobs that most people say you can’t do in life, what kept you following your dreams?

A: I would just say nonsense. Because it is absolute nonsense that people would ever try and steer you away from doing something you felt was part of your makeup. But anyone who tries to crush your dreams is … I mean, with reason, cut them out. Unless they’re your parents, in which case it has to be a healthy dialogue, which is often impossible with your parents, isn’t it? Just be firm, let them know who you are, and don’t take no for an answer. That’s why I have a very turbulent relationship with my parents (laughs).

7. She loves Utah.

“I’m so sad I’m not here for longer, because it’s so beautiful here. It really is breathtaking,” she said. “I just wish I could have time to go snowboarding, and just have time to hang out here. Being surrounded by mountains in this way is really moving, and I feel great here, so thank you. It’s a lovely place.”

Next time she’s here, we’re taking her snowboarding.


Hope everyone is having a great 2015 so far, the first event of the year Salt Lake City Comic Con took place Friday & Saturday. It looked like so much fun, I hope everyone had a great time. I’ve added 106 photos from both days to the gallery! (If you have any pics that you want to share from the con, do send them to us at admin@b-piper.net.) :)

Billie Piper stood on the beach, thinking that this was truly the last time she would see David Tennant.

It wasn’t of course; this was only the good-bye between her character, Rose, and Tennant’s time-traveler on “Doctor Who.” But she wound herself up about for days beforehand, and putting herself completely in that moment brought tears to her eyes.

“That was like, life imitating art imitating life. It felt like it was all really happening,” Piper said. The heartbreaking farewell worked — for her, and for a world of fans, who came to see her Saturday morning at FanX.

And luckily, it was far from the last time she would see the alumni of the beloved sci-fi show. She and Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, live only five minutes away from each other and see each other all the time. They spent Halloween together, in fact.

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Matt Smith’s encouragement to people who are struggling or going through a difficult time is that you’re never alone.

Smith, along with other “Doctor Who” alumni Karen Gillan and Billie Piper, demonstrated what that can look like when a fan told them that the sci-fi show saved her life after her mother died of cancer. The former time-travelers invited the woman onstage to sit with them during their FanX panel Friday night.

“Group hug,” Smith said to a round of cheers as the fan made her way up and spent the rest of the panel sitting with the people who were there for her during a difficult time.

Besides connecting with fans, the trio of stars spent the evening answering a host of questions from a sold-out room of the Salt Palace Convention Center, ranging from their favorite monsters and episodes from “Doctor Who” to what scares them, and whether they would ever return to the show.

Smith would; his mother never forgave him for leaving, and she and director Steven Moffat badgered him for two months about the departure. He feigned trying to leave the stage to duck a question when a fan asked which of the Eleventh Doctor’s companions was his favorite while one of them, Gillan, was sitting a couple feet away. His other co-star, Jenna Coleman, is still on the show with the new Doctor. Smith eventually said that he “loves them both equally, more than each other.”

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