Shifting gears a bit, I’d love to talk about Lily and Billie Piper, who’s been absolutely fantastic. How early did Billie know what was coming for her character this year?

Before we started filming. She had to very carefully build that performance, which was extraordinary. It’s one of the most extraordinary things I’ve seen an actor do in my career — the way she modulated the character of Lily so that when you first meet her, she’s innocent, and she’s confused, and she’s frightened, and she gets more confident, until finally it all comes out in that amazing speech that she gives in episode 8. I think it’s an extraordinary performance and one that I’m most proud of this season.

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THE PERFORMER | Billie Piper

THE SHOW | Penny Dreadful

THE EPISODE | “Memento Mori” (June 21)

THE PERFORMANCE | Seething with jealousy after spying his betrothed out painting the town with pretty boy Dorian, the Creature intended to demand that his fiancée behave like his fiancée. But when push came to shove, it wasn’t the green-eyed monster who did the shoving but Lily. Careening from fluttery fear to blistering cruelty to righteous outrage, the erstwhile Brona at last exposed her true nature — and her awareness of it — to “Mr. Clare.” And her portrayer? Lord almighty, Piper spat out series creator John Logan’s brutal monologue with such power, such passion, that we were left as shell-shocked as the Creature. Seriously — damn!

Even more impressive than the ferocity of Piper’s performance was the absolute control she displayed. Though Lily’s diatribe against the indignities of Victorian womanhood called for the actress to veer from one emotion to the next at breakneck speed, she made the transitions seem as organic as the movements of a dance. So, suffice it to say, by the time the would-be bride of Frankenstein suggested that she and her fellow “corpse” show Victor exactly what kind of monsters he’d created — and kill their maker! — Piper already had slain us. She doesn’t just deserve an Emmy nod, she deserves a bloody altar!


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ScreenSpy: Lily has undergone such an amazing transformation. Can you talk about where that change is going to take her over the final two episodes this season?

Chris King: Once you get to the end of this season and look back you’ll realize what an amazing actor Billie Piper is. She has such nuances in her performance. She plays Lily like a child in a way, which is sort of what she is. She’s reborn, she’s innocent, she’s experiencing all of these things for the first time. Then slowly we begin to see the beauty crack, in a way. When Victor gives her the dress and they’re talking about why women have to wear corsets, and she wonders why women are corseted – or controlled – in this way. She wonders why women are literally and figuratively corseted, or tied up, and prevented from being who they are. Now we see something more dangerous with Lily. She’s murdered a man. When Lily was born, did she play up this whole ‘I don’t know who I am’ or does she still remember everything Brona had experienced? The answer to that question was quite a shock last Sunday, but we will continue to be shocked by Lily over the remaining episodes this season. She has become such a phenomenal character, and she only gets better and stronger and more interesting in the last 2 episodes. She’s definitely the character to watch this year.

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The gallery has been updated with 368 HD captures from episode seven of Penny DreadfulLittle Scorpion, what an amazing ep, only three more to go!

Showtime has renewed Penny Dreadful.

No surprise here, but the horror drama will be officially be back for a third season in 2016. That season will be one episode shy of its current order, with nine episodes planned for year three.

“John Logan’s brilliant writing and this amazingly talented ensemble continue to draw a passionate, global fan base into the meticulously crafted world Penny Dreadful,” said recently elevated Showtime president David Nevins. “Together with our wonderful partners at Sky Atlantic, we’re excited to see what new haunts John and his team have in store for season three.”

Created by Logan, Penny Dreadful stars Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton and Eva Green. It will again film in Dublin, Ireland.

“Penny Dreadful is the perfect fit for Sky Atlantic, truly international in scale and ambition but with a raft of British talent at its core, and filmed in the Republic of Ireland.” said Zaj Bennett, director of co-producer Sky Atlantic.. “I’m thrilled to have the series returning to the channel, and to once again be partnering with John Logan and continuing to work with our good friends at Showtime.”


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